I guess you have noticed that I have kept low profile here. I have been just lazy and buzy also. I try to fix that. Those who know me, know that I can talk “trash ” all day long. lol I really can,. Eventhough I am VERY positive person, and I find something good in everything – I CAN BE very mean, honest and find bad in GOOD things. To I make any sense??? Maybe not. But oh well, Who cares- Right???

Today I Received 875 dollar bill from My dentist. I was beyond pissed. Since Regina does not have insurance I have to pay for her cleanings. And it is usually 75 dollars ( yes ONLY). SO today I received this bill and of course I called them and guess what- THEY WERE NOT IN OFFICE. OH , now I am even more pissed becaues I freekin’ want to know why they overcharged me?? Dumbasses. I absolutely hate, hate , hate WAITING till morning so I can call them again and streighten this typo. ( AND if they tell me that it is because she received BOTOX, I am going to scream ( lol, yeah, now even dental offices do Botox)..

THEN I went to costco because I needed some food. AND regina was with me. You have 3 guesses about what she wanted to buy from there—– —- —- CHOCOLATE bundt cake. It is one of her faves and she HAD to have it . So I got it. AND now I am tempted to finish it up. It smells heavenly and it looks so moist and delicious I can hardly control myself. mhm But I guess I have no choise. I HAVE to have a slice and then one more and one more- and then I will feel sick and throw up. ( I LOVE sweet stuff, but past few weeks sugars make me sick to my stomach. not sure why). Ok.

let the countown begin—20 more days before school starts.


One thought on “WHY???

  1. lennuk ütles:

    oh, diana…. i’m dealing right now with the incurance stuff too.
    i just solved one “typo”. couple other to go…
    good luck with that!

    and… welcome back! let the pms’ing start! 🙂

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