I hate my car- Sometimes—

So today, I was supposed to go to college- orientation. So I start my car, drive to schools parking lot, exit my car- trying to lock my doors, trying again and again and again. Nothing. I hear clicks, but door is not locking. I try to do it manually- not working. I try to push in those knobs inside the car- NOT GOING DOWN… Oh, I was pissed. I did not want to leave my car unloced in college parking lot, so I left and called Mercedes dealership to get my powerlocks fixed. Guess what- I got apointment for monday- but not for today. Oh, I was so pissed. What the heck is wrong with my car. It always does it when I need it the most.

I guess I am going to get a rental car for a weekend because I do not dare to park my car in some strange parking lots when doors are not locked.. i hope I get a good deal….lol


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