Ugly Betty

Fun So I got my glasses. Don’t I look Pretty??? My vision is great. I can see Far , far away. further than most of people. lol but my nearvision is kind of messed up. Long hours behind computer, lots and lots of reading and TV watching have done it’s work. Anyway, now I am proud owner of Versus glasses ( by Versace).

I have not done much within past few days. Just studing and volunteering in my kids school and cleaning and eating. AND I know where I am going to spend my christmas. :):):) lol I booked a cabin in Big Bear. IT is a beautiful 2 bedroom cabin and very expensive. During Christmas holiday they have 5 night minimum policy (bigbearcoolcabins) and 5 nights is about 1800 dollars. But it looks perfect and I want to get away from all this madness…..


I have had few pretty grazy days. One one very important day. :0
My beautiful Daughter Regina turned 7. (19th of sept) I feel so happy to have her in our lives. And because she is special, she deserves special treatment. 🙂

Then – today was one of those days that I wish that I never had. lol Morning started out fine- I did my cardio and while working out I watched movie- JuST MY LUCK. VERY unlucky movie with a happy ending. Anyway. most of you know that Regina was diagnosed with GHD( growth hormone deficency) and she has to start growth hormone therapy. She will start it sometimes beginning next week and it means that I have to inject her with meds every day for next 10 years. AND it is not cheap. So I got a call from pharmacy- Miss Tan, we would like to set up delivery with your daughter meds, but FIRST you have to pay 389 dollars and that is amount your Insurance will not cover. 389 dollars for 30 days I asked??? I told them that I will call few people and ask what the heck is going on because I have invoice from you that my copay is only 30 dollars. So I make those calls ( about 10 of them) and nobody has no Idea what the heck is going on. Finally somebody gave me a straight answer- well, we screwed up and had to do insurance reinvestigation and THAT IS THE AMOUNT YOU OWE!!!!! FUCK. I had a meltdown- BUT THE GOOD news is that next month co pay will be only 135. FUCK FUCK FUCK. So now, I am stuck with this for 10 years???? So what should I give up?? SHopping or my sons daycare??/ Tough one- I think I better stop spending money now….. And then I have this one special friend who just creeps me out with all the ” smart” info about growth hormone injections and second cancers. Now I am really freaked out… Thanks K. B. 😉

Ok now- enough of that crap allready. I did something fun also today. I started my bellydancing classes. It was just what I needed. To get my mind of things and just dance . It was so much fun and I really did forget about all the issues I was having. I feel so rested now. But I can all ready feel all the suspicious thoughts filling out my brains free curves…. Welcome to my life. Wanna be part of it, just come and knock on my door and listen to me bitch about things I really need to be bitching- my dh…… 😉


Main cause for PMS is home. lol My dh finally arrived. He will stay for a week ( mainly because of Reginas Birthay) and then he will leave and come back again in november, because Diana really wants to go to Vegas with girls. lol Diana needs a break(sp).lol

Anyway, It took me 2 hours and 35 minutes to drive to LAX today. Traffic was a bitch. 10 miles and hour and 20 miles an hour it was slooooow. But I am patient girl. I can waith. Good things happen to people who wait.
But I have to admit. I am very bad girl.:( I feel very embarrased about few things.
First- I have not emailed or called to my friend who had surgery few weeks ago. I just could not pick up my phone and do so. Not sure why. I just hope that she forgives me. ((())) Second- I am very self centered little bitch who just cares about my own well being. I am not sure about that eather, I am just me. lol. Just be patient. “GOOD girl me” will be out of closet soon. Until then just laugh at me….

Top news…

Paris was arrested- because she was drunk and hungry and was speeding because she had to have her burger NOW. Awsome Paris , wtg, you just made my day.

I am really not in the mood to talk about Tom and Katie. I like them. I always did – not sure why, but I still LIKE THEM. SO please- yeah baby looks “asian” but look at Katies eyes and Look at toms eyes- they look asian too. So just stop the drama and let them be. Seriosly. My sister looked asian when she was baby- blond cute asian. lol Now she is 6f 1in caucasian… Sorry Sija , I just had to make that joke. Yeah, and all babys do look like ALIANS with their big heads and weird facial impressions and those sounds they make. OMG. They must be from mars. Dang. What is next- Nicole Richie is not really anorexic- she still is fat???? Only in hollywood…
I need to loose few lbs. Seems like 90 lbs bodys are really in now. 140 is just way to heavy – almost obese. Right???

What else-According to E! News….Britney Spears has reportedly checked herself in to Cedars Sinai St. Johns Medical Center in Los Angeles, where the paparazzi are camped outside and she is in labor / has given birth to her second child.(

Few more days

( Some people prefer boats….Lol )

.. Few more days and my vacation starts. :)…. School for kids, more Me time for me. :0)

Anyway- Yesterday we had such and awsome day. We were invited to Pool party. Not some community pool party- BUT REAL POOL PARTY. Dowside was that place was located 80 miles away from us and I HATE DRIVING to places where I have never been before. But lucily it was really easy drive there. I did get “claustrofobia ” ( I have driving issues, I can not breathe if there are way to many cars on road, I feel like they all want to crash me , and squish me and I feel like I have no way out..:lol ) few times, but I turned on radio on max and started singing out loud- open up your buttons babe….lol.

(Regina, Gabriel,me and our new friend Jonathan who lives in Palm Springs )
Anyway, most of the people at the Estonians and I did get to meet few new ones . Like the person who invited us. I have never met him and his family before but Now I know. 🙂 Thanks for the great party. Oh, and my kids were having TOOO much fun. Gabriel stayed into pool for 3 hours, and when he got out his skin was wrinkled. He looked like old dude….lol