Few more days

( Some people prefer boats….Lol )

.. Few more days and my vacation starts. :)…. School for kids, more Me time for me. :0)

Anyway- Yesterday we had such and awsome day. We were invited to Pool party. Not some community pool party- BUT REAL POOL PARTY. Dowside was that place was located 80 miles away from us and I HATE DRIVING to places where I have never been before. But lucily it was really easy drive there. I did get “claustrofobia ” ( I have driving issues, I can not breathe if there are way to many cars on road, I feel like they all want to crash me , and squish me and I feel like I have no way out..:lol ) few times, but I turned on radio on max and started singing out loud- open up your buttons babe….lol.

(Regina, Gabriel,me and our new friend Jonathan who lives in Palm Springs )
Anyway, most of the people at the Estonians and I did get to meet few new ones . Like the person who invited us. I have never met him and his family before but Now I know. 🙂 Thanks for the great party. Oh, and my kids were having TOOO much fun. Gabriel stayed into pool for 3 hours, and when he got out his skin was wrinkled. He looked like old dude….lol


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