Top news…

Paris was arrested- because she was drunk and hungry and was speeding because she had to have her burger NOW. Awsome Paris , wtg, you just made my day.

I am really not in the mood to talk about Tom and Katie. I like them. I always did – not sure why, but I still LIKE THEM. SO please- yeah baby looks “asian” but look at Katies eyes and Look at toms eyes- they look asian too. So just stop the drama and let them be. Seriosly. My sister looked asian when she was baby- blond cute asian. lol Now she is 6f 1in caucasian… Sorry Sija , I just had to make that joke. Yeah, and all babys do look like ALIANS with their big heads and weird facial impressions and those sounds they make. OMG. They must be from mars. Dang. What is next- Nicole Richie is not really anorexic- she still is fat???? Only in hollywood…
I need to loose few lbs. Seems like 90 lbs bodys are really in now. 140 is just way to heavy – almost obese. Right???

What else-According to E! News….Britney Spears has reportedly checked herself in to Cedars Sinai St. Johns Medical Center in Los Angeles, where the paparazzi are camped outside and she is in labor / has given birth to her second child.(


2 thoughts on “Top news…

  1. lennuk ütles:

    Read this (in Estonian though)

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    I am not suprized by any of it anymore. It just makes me lol. What is next?? Oh, did you see Miami Ink, there was an story while ago when one woman saw virgin mary on half eaten sandwich, now one woman wanted that sandwich tattod on her chect. I am rolling my eyes….

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