Main cause for PMS is home. lol My dh finally arrived. He will stay for a week ( mainly because of Reginas Birthay) and then he will leave and come back again in november, because Diana really wants to go to Vegas with girls. lol Diana needs a break(sp).lol

Anyway, It took me 2 hours and 35 minutes to drive to LAX today. Traffic was a bitch. 10 miles and hour and 20 miles an hour it was slooooow. But I am patient girl. I can waith. Good things happen to people who wait.
But I have to admit. I am very bad girl.:( I feel very embarrased about few things.
First- I have not emailed or called to my friend who had surgery few weeks ago. I just could not pick up my phone and do so. Not sure why. I just hope that she forgives me. ((())) Second- I am very self centered little bitch who just cares about my own well being. I am not sure about that eather, I am just me. lol. Just be patient. “GOOD girl me” will be out of closet soon. Until then just laugh at me….


3 thoughts on “..

  1. lennuk ütles:

    irw, diana!
    i didn’t know what to expect and got good laugh out of it! (i bet you actually dance better than on this clip:)

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    lol Well. actually I learned to dance like that in Asia 😉

  3. Anu ütles:

    Lol! It’s just funniest thing I saw since I don’t know when: here is mine!http://www.dancesisterdance.com/myvid/index.php?v=8925f4bf8110

    Thank you!!!!!

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