Ugly Betty

Fun So I got my glasses. Don’t I look Pretty??? My vision is great. I can see Far , far away. further than most of people. lol but my nearvision is kind of messed up. Long hours behind computer, lots and lots of reading and TV watching have done it’s work. Anyway, now I am proud owner of Versus glasses ( by Versace).

I have not done much within past few days. Just studing and volunteering in my kids school and cleaning and eating. AND I know where I am going to spend my christmas. :):):) lol I booked a cabin in Big Bear. IT is a beautiful 2 bedroom cabin and very expensive. During Christmas holiday they have 5 night minimum policy (bigbearcoolcabins) and 5 nights is about 1800 dollars. But it looks perfect and I want to get away from all this madness…..


2 thoughts on “Ugly Betty

  1. Leila ütles:

    wow, first of all… I like your glasses! they really fit you!
    second of all…. this cabin looks great! (ok, so we know now where to run)
    see you tommorow!

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    MHMH. there is room for 6 so, you guys are more than welcome to join us 😉 This year ( if there is snow during that time) we really want to learn snowboard. :):):)

    Yes, see you tomorrow. ;

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