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Today was lazy day. I took kids to best buy and toysrus. There was huuuuge sale going on. Lot of the things buy one , get other 50% off, clearance sales on gamecube games, and much more. Gabriel threw horrible tantrum in store. I WANT NEW GAMES kind of tantrum. I told him- Too bad, he just made it to naughty list.

After shopping we went to IHOP. I have not been to IHOP for ages. NOW I know where all smokers in OC go. IHOP. lol

Gabiel had LOTS OF FOOD. He ate his kids meal ( 2 fryed eggs, bacon ) and then he wanted my ham and cheese omlette ( he ate half of it) THEN he wanted to eat my pancakes( something Harvest ones. do not remember what it was.) And he did eat 1 .

I had to laugh out loud in there. Listen to this. Gabriel wanted tabasco sauce on his eggs. and bacon. 3 drops were not enough. HE WANTED me to pour half of it out, so he could stick his bacon into HOT SALSA. – of course I had to please my son. HE was really happy that I did it. THEN he wanted me to pour some strawberry syrup over his eggs. ( I had to do it )> He ate his eggs with strawberry syrup. THEN the mixed strawberry syrup and tabasco sauce- AND I WAS ABOUT TO THROW UP , when he decided- MOM. I NEED some regular syrup inside this mix. BECAUSE it does not taste right. So i gave him his syrup and – he told me—– MOM , THIS WAS BEST LUNCH I EVER HAD. lololollololol

Regina was just looking at him and rolling her eyes and telling me – GAbriel is so discusting. lololol

NICE. And then I did some cleaning. Dusting and ant killing and dishwashing since my diswasher is kaput.

4 thoughts on “….

  1. lennuk ĂĽtles:

    this Gabriels “tasteing” remindes me my friend who ate pasta with jam!

    oh, and i noticed that you have added LEP 2007 link on your site! getting free advertising… not bad!

  2. Sleeping Beauty ĂĽtles:

    I do nothig for free….lol You have to hang out with me in some really ” L O U D place and drink martinis….

  3. lennuk ĂĽtles:

    LOL! no problem!

  4. Franco ĂĽtles:

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