I do not know what is going on with me. My energy levels are acting up. One moment I feel happy and energized and then suddenly I am tired and down. I eat my lunch, but around 2 hours after lunch , horrible hunger hits me. I start sweating, get irritable and moody and at times even nauseous (sp?) and dizzy. I HAVE TO have a bite of something, if not I may pass out because I just loose all my strenght and energy. it is very weird feeling. And second time around I get same kind of feeling after I eat my dinner. . My mood can change with a snap. AND I can’t stop yawning. Oh, and my vision is weird also. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I have hard time opening my eyes and when I do everything seems blurry… but that goes away after few minutes. i guess I am just starting to get stressed again and there is just way to much pressure and responsibilites in my sholders. I really, really do need a brake. I need a brake to think , and find myself again. I feel like I am starting to separate myself from everybody and everything. I have not done my fave things for a while- I used to see EVERY new movie out there- now I just netflix them. I used to be exited about scrapbooking and taking pics – now my camera just collects dust because I lost my interest. BUT I clean, and clean and clean and clean and I am about to go grazy if I pick up mop one more time and wash my floors. I am going nuts. I am going to bee around 1 am and wake up 6 am every morning. ( I just can’t fall asleep- I am tired, but I can’t sleep. I toss and turn and toss and turn and have nightmares (sp?). And few of my friends are just driving me grazy by complaning about things that just are not even worth mentioning. And when I want to vent away … ah, I am not even going there. …. Anyway, .I havent felt so lonely in years………


4 thoughts on “Aaaah

  1. anu ütles:

    Dear Di! Please check your bloodsugar level….I just hope, that it’s normal…..BTW, I had lately the same problem, so moody and such a big nerve breakdowns, that i was thinking i’m going to be really a crazy who needs some antidepression pills, but i don’t want to be a drugjunkie…And lonely – oh, yes!
    So, you are not the onlyone….

  2. Anonymous ütles:

    I agree with Anu have your blood sugar checked, if it is normal then you might want to have smaller meals every few hours, it might help, I hope it does!! As for feeling so alone I feel for you, it’s so hard to take care of your kids while hubby travels not to mention you have a child who has battled cancer!! You have so much on you, everyday!! I know how it feels to have the kids by yourself, everyday, my husband traveled when our two were little and it was so hard and demanding. It’s always easy for others to say, “just take some time for you”, it’s not that easy, not to mention my family lived a good distance from us as I know is the case with you. I hope things settle some for you, it’s just not a lot of fun!!! Hang in there, your two little ones are so cute!!!!

  3. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    🙂 Thank you guys for great advice. I know I have to drag my lazy butt to see doc but it took me forever to schedule these appointments. I just do not want to waste any more time in dr wating areas. Watin time usually about 45 minutes and appointment only lasts abotu 10 minutes. Why can’t schedulers do their job better. OK. next week I have 3 annuals- ob/gyn. Cardiology( ), and my regular annual. So , we’ll see what they tell me.

  4. Anu ütles:

    Hi Di!!! Check it out – ;)

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