Bored, so bored….

I am officially bored with my life. My house is clean, My kids are well behaved, I am great cook, awesome catch ( wink, wink). Yeah, here I am totally , completely full of myself because I am just so bored. Today I went to see Movie Departed- Leo, Matt, Jack – you know, the good stuff… I have to tell you , I never, ever liked Leonardo . He was not my type of actor OR I did not like even how he looked. BUT this movie just made me fall in love with him. Seriously- He looked hot – real hot, baby. And I almost cried when his head got blown off. HIS poor beautiful head, those amazing eyes. To bad he is such an ass in real life. Imagine this- he only dates supermodels and I know why. His poor self esteem is so low and he has no friends. Boohoo. So he needs a 6 feet tall self esteem booster…

AND this brings me to my latest nightmare . About 4 nights ago ( on 17th of oct) I had a bad dream . I was in my bank filling in some forms. Suddenly one guy, dressed very nicely walked towards me- I smiled. He asked- What the fuck I am smiling about because there is nothing to smile about – I am going to blow your head off first. All I could think about was- Please no, my kids are still young- And then BOOM, my brains flew out of my head and …. I had to wake up because my alarm clock sounded. Dang, I wanted to know what happened next. I tried to have same dream next night- But it did not happen- instead I dreamed about how overweight I had become, because I did not fit in from my front door. I guess it is my biggest fear….

OK. Back to my Officially boring life. I need something exiting. I need to get out of my house more often without kids. I mean evenings, nights. I miss dancing. I miss clubbing. I miss the feeling I get in club , when beat is so loud I can hear my heart beating in the rhythm of trance. I miss how it made me feel when I let my guard down and just danced, danced, and danced. I MISS having a drink with my friends and just goofing around. And I miss my husband to- just a little….


2 thoughts on “Bored, so bored….

  1. Leila ütles:

    We saw the Departed last weekend. It was good.
    But guess what!
    I must be stupid or something….
    I was half of the movie very confused! As…
    I thought half of the movie that Matt Damond and Leonardi di Caprio are the same person! I don’t know how that could happend!
    I was so confused and now I want to see this movie again.
    Can’t belive myself! Can you imagine how silly I feel myself!

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    I was thinking about you when i wathed this movie. And laughed out loud….lol Because I just imagined you finally gettin it…. lololol ( sorry, just had to laugh)

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