Today was such a busy day. First helped out Gabes teacher. And then real fun started. My good and very talented friend Parisa asked me to take some pictures of her. ( she needs them because of her work). 2 hours of picture taking paradise.

I really did enjoy photographing her, since camera loves her. 🙂 And I know that she does not mind that I share some of the pics with you 🙂

Here is her website.
And now I am just relaxing and hoping that my kids do not get reall sick by tomorrow. Both of them had low grade fevers today. 😩
I almost forgot , yesterday I went to my neighbros house to halloween party. She is did awsoem job decorating her house. And her food was all halloween themed. She is horrible cook ( yes, she tells this to everyone, ) but she is awsome baker and decorator. 🙂

(APple cranberry punch)

Brain Jello–


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