Be ready for more ME…

I had no Idea that I am Lesbian swinger who likes to be FU@^! into all holes same time. Oh, and of course I am out here to look for LOVE and swing and AND THE BEST- I am transexual. :0) Maybe now I get some attention???? If you guessed that my MYSPACE account was hacked , you are 100% right. Sadly I become a victim of one of the spammers out there and I had no control over it. I changed my password 2 times yesterday, YET , they were still able to log into my account and post nonsence under my profile. I changed my password once more and it has been successful change. BUT oh boy, I thought that I could keep all those things secret ….. Dang hackers….. shame on you, You filty little perverts with distorted imagination, one day you pay for your actions….. i suspect that you all are 17 year old horny Motherfuckers —- May acne never leave you , may it cover your whole body with fluid filled pimples and I hope you will be prisoners on your own home without computers…..

UUUHHHHHH I got it out of my system- well, almost, I still have few things to say, but I rather ,not because santa may add me to his naughty list 😉

On a happyer note. Last night I had change to enjoy professional bellydancing. My instructor invited us to persian restaurant where on Friday nights bellydancers show up ( GOOD and experienced ones) and give us awsome show. IT was AWSOME. I could not get myeyes off that girl ( you see, I must be lesbian 😉 ) Her body bended and shaked and moved the way I never seen anybody move.. ( BTW, dancer was from Ukraine and very pretty. ) Regina and gabriel were with me. Gabriel was staring mouth wide open, but Regina fell asleep ( it was 9.30 PM ) lol

And today I did some christmas food shopping. 🙂 Estonian House In la hosted a Christmas Bazaar/ fair. I got myself blood sausage/black budding, sourkraut with barley, fresh bacon filled rye bread, pickled pumpkin, gingersnaps:) Oh, I am so glad I went there, I cant wait till christmas and cook real estonian christmas dinner 🙂 ( This year we will be on big bear. 🙂 2, 1/2 people can come with us. lol And that is it……

oh, And we went and brougt us christmas tree. Short 5 feet one. Regina and Gabriel decorated it and it lookes beautiful :):):)

2 thoughts on “Be ready for more ME…

  1. lennuk ütles:

    wow, diana! should i be afraid of you now?! 🙂
    ok, just kidding…
    have your myspace been quiet since?
    seems like there is never dull moment with you!

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    yeah, I am a troublemaker…. lol

    It has been fine since saturday. I hope they never hack into again…

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