I just had major meltdown today. I is not even worth mentioning, but I am going to do it anyway. Well, NICk ( my genius Husband) got US about year ago “SURPRIZZZZEEE zoom whitening certificates. ( dumb move, I know his intenitons were good, but PLEASE CHECK wity your wife before you do so).

I am allready doing custom whitening through my dentist office ( custom molds and whitening gels). Well, I did get few of my teeth fixed ( I had to chane fillings and get crowns…) It was not cheep and I tryed my best, Nut I JUST do not have extra ” thousands” hanging around the house to FIX all of my teeth ( meaning- get ALL NEW FILLINGS) Because dentists do zoom ONLY when ALL TEETH are in perfect condition- Mine are not… So there you go 175 dollars WASTED because I am just not going to do it. And in some werid way I feel angry at my DH just because he tryed to do something good- BUT it is just NOT GOOD-GOOD I wanted…. and when dentist told me that HE is not going to but my heatlh on risk by doing my whitening I just started crying because I just had ENOUGH.

I’ve had doubble ear infection for 2 weeks and NOTHING seems to be working, I had sinus infection, tonsilitus and I DID really good job keeping everything under control – just I WAS so ready to get ZOOMED and no it is just not going to happen. I hate days like today. I absolutely do.

Oh, my garbage disposal is still broken and to get GE technition to chekck it out it is 85 dollars and if it has to be replaced- I DO NOT WANT TO EVEN THINK HOW MUCH MONEY THAT is going to be. I CAN NOT STAND BROKEN THINGS, AND I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT stand how 85 dollars feels like ripping people off…. Dumbasses. I need my chirstmas spirit back… I need to start baking cookies and eating them big time. I also need to open bottle of something because I am OFF the meds ( because I just decided I donot need them since they do not work)… Ok. I am done for today….. Happy holidays.

2 thoughts on “Meltdown…

  1. Leila ütles:

    you still have this bread!? or is it gone?
    cheer yourself up with some cooking…. and drinking 🙂
    personally, i feel very festive and find california christmas weather the best in the world (wait until storm hits on saturday, they are worning already)

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    I have half of it still in my freezer. It is the bestestestest bread ever…LOVE it. Most of the time i am in awsome moood, but there are those hours when I just feel like Scheduling appointment with psychologist because I feel like I have issues that have to be resolved…. :):):)

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