Birds love me…

Today starte out crappy, so I decided to take my camera and Head to Dana Point . Weather is cold and crappy, insurance companies are cold and crappy….

At least I got some luv from birds. They worked they” tails” off to get me take pics of them. They landed next to my and just stared at me like I was alian from Europe ( kind off…). And when i was about to leave Dana Point , one seal decided to pay me a wisit and cheer me up 🙂

good sale…

I LOVE HOME DEPOT. I DO , I do , I dooododoodododo. 2 days ago I went to home depot because I really need to buy few plants, to freshen up my front yard. I t looks dead, BUT instead I left the store with 2 brand spankin’ new RUGS. YES RUGS. Beautiful contemporary designer rugs, with not so designer price… Rugs for my living room had price tag on, and it was 570 dollars, But I got it with 120 ( clearance) and smaller rug for living room had 270 dollar tag, I payd 50 dollars. I am so fucking exitid about it. These rugs are SO my style and color that I almost started crying right there in Home depot, when they told me how much they are worth. lol. I am such a dork…haha

BTW , I’ll be going to las Vegas again,but this time with my kids and with my girlfriend from Estonia. 😉 I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!


Today was such a fun day… We were invited to Piias Babyshower. ( one pretty cool estonian “chick”) hihi. Babyshower was in her friends house. i met couple of “new” estonians ( new to me) and few other people I have not met before . Overall we had fun. We played few “babyshower”games like Guess what food is in that jar, and guess how big Piia is and nobody could say word BABY . etc. 🙂

After party we headed home and now kids are sleeping and I am trying to choose next song for my school performance. First song I sang was Que sera sera and i think I did pretty good…lol now I am between Orionco flow, Everything I do, I do it for you, strangers in the night and Eternal flame. I love all those songs and it is really hard to choose between them. Orionco flow song is my fave, but it is really hard to sing. Lyrics are little hard to remember and hard to pronounce out. I am leaning toward Strangers in the night. I LOVE LOVE THAT song, so I better practice little more before stepping on spotling….

OMG. I am just stupid…+ electrical issues..

Today is tuesday. About 2 hour ago my lights started flickering- in every few minutes they would flash for a second and then turn back to normal. I started getting scared, what if we are going to loose electricity… So I went to Sand Diego Gas and Electric website to find more info and see if something was going on with electricity. YES there is . In Mission viejo area there are about 2000 people without electricity, and seems like people in laguna niguel area are starting to loose it too. I am NOT liking it. Not one bit. :(:(:((:( —- Suspected problem —- Underground electrical problem. I hope this problem will be resolved really fast. 🙂


Ok. here I am trying to follow all those “beauty secrets” that supposed to make you look younger… So , for few days I have had really puffy eyes. Kind of like I have bad hangover kind of eyes…lol so I did some reserach and went to walgreens. I made sure I was the only customer in store, and after confirming that I walked straight to Preparation H isle and started comparing Right Prep H for me..hahahah. Those , who do not know what preparation H is, then go there,

I got the mildest one… You know, after all, I do not want it to shring my whole face….. go, tht would be really ugly…. I payed, rushed home and ‘ applyed it under my eyes… OMG. OMG OMG. It is not working. Instead of me having puffy eyes, Now I have puffy , red and swollen eyes. THANKS god i trryed it on my face first. Think about it, if I applyed Prep H to my @$$ first, what would have happene. My @$$ would have swollen to a size of an really huge watermelon ( or 2)… Whewww, thanks got we now have eliminated that problem….

Now I have to figure out how to get rid of my swollen eyes.. I do not want to walk to school tomorrow morning and see all the parents whispering- SHE must stayed awake whole night figuring out how to get that Prep H swelling down…..

OK. Off I go to stick my face into to bowl of ice….


Today I did some driving. I drove to LA and back It was worth the trip. lol Well, I attended tiny brainstorming meeting in LA Eesti majas bout upcoming LEP… 🙂 Leila also took time off from her busy ” jammies” schedule to show me area where LEP will take place. Thank you L. 🙂

OK. Nick left few minutes ago. Every time he leaves, I feel like we are having mini divorse . I had few way to many of those. As much as he drives me grazy when he is home, it drives me grazyererer when he leaves. I HATE cleaning up his “mess”, I hate our arguments that lead us nowhere( because he Refuses to argue with me- He does not understand me or why i like sweet, or eating way to many snacks, or into “estonian” stuff , blah blah blah. And he refues to listen to my side of story… He walks around with bindfolds…. Anyway, I still luv him…

Now, In few weeks I start my bellydancing again, I enrolled Regina in Chess, I am planning to enroll gabriel some kind of music classes….

AND wish me luck… on tueday I have to perform in front of my “sInging” buddies – in front of 25 college students with song…. Oh, I get sweaty palms thinking about it… I am going to sing Que sera sera…. and song after that will be Like a prayer….


I’m sad about something, I thougt I would not be sad about. My dh Is leaving me again. AGAIN. This is like 10 time he is leaving and he keeps coming back. STOP PLAYING WITH MY FEELING YOU @$$hole. lol But seriosly, he is just going to “china” to do his job and make us rich…. hahah. it is about time…

Today, my singing instructor told us something very interesting.. He told us, that stop dreaming about being RICH IN THE FUTURE, stop dreaming about learing to sing in the future. Stop dreaming about things happening in the future. it is about time to start DREAMING about things happening to you right now. Dream that you are richNOW, dream that you can sing NOW, dream that you can do everything NOW… and HE IS so RighT. I CAN Do eerything now.- I can do whatever I want, I can be whoever I want to be, I just have to take that step now… and I am about to…. :):)

ALSO, I made reservations to TI Amo Ristorante in Laguna beach. We are going there with our Long beach friends… We never beent o TI amo, , but I will let you know how food is there….

Forty Deuce

Saturday in Hollywood. FUN. Tantra, FOrty deuce, Russell Crowe and Sting.. Smoking indoors and more… If I was Russell Crowe and smoked indoors in Forty Deuce, nobody would make a big deal out of it…. But oh well, I was born as Diana Saare …

TANTRA- awsome restaurant with beautiful interior and tasty food. And prices were pretty low (from 3-19 ) . Coctails-tasty…