Wohoo, I allready like year 2007

This had to go, to old, to broken, TO OUT….
AND this has to replace it!!! But you have no idea how much drama surrauds this tiny plasma… Find electricion, find articlulating mount, make sure plasma fits, etc… Right now it is all boxed up, but electricion (sp) gonna “fix ” some extra outlets for our tv and then it is almost ready to be mounted and OH, we also have to call cable guy to get digital cable with all the extras, because I LOVE EXTRAS… can you belive.. We have been without tv for about 2 months.We do have tv upstairs but it only has about 9 channels… I

am SO ready to start WATCHING tv again….


2 thoughts on “Wohoo, I allready like year 2007

  1. lennuk ütles:

    what you will do with the space where old tv used to be?
    how you have been? i have been very quiet. tired and seems like all the time at work….

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    Not sure yet, I have to go to Ikea to check out some shelves. Maybe they have something that “fits”right in, so I do not have to pay for custom shelving…
    I’ve been very busy, kids back in school, I started scrapbooking again, I started fasting ( only for 3 days), did some shopping, ( BTW, Kohls had holiday themed picture frames on sale – only 2.99 for 4×5 and 4.99 for bigger ones. Awsome deals “)

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