I feel just a tiny bit of upset right now… Why , you ask.. Honestly, there has been a lot of misscommunication between my dh and I lately, and I AM sure misscom. part comes from his side..

What if your guys goes to business trip and you ask- Are you coming home today or tomorrow, ANd his repsonse would me- I might come home tomorrow, I might come home today, but most likely today…. SO I take this most likely version.. I wait, hour, 2. It is horrible storm outside, Our whole house is shaky….. and then I decided to call him.
” HONEY, are you coming home today ( his is in san jose)…
“NO, I am coming home tomorrow”
” Was it so hard for you to call us and let us know that YOU are NOT coming home today, because kids are waiting for you>>>>>
” I thought I told you, I MIGHT COME HOME TOMORROW…

UGh… I am just mad,. That is all… You are old enought to give us straight answer… So why was it so hard for him to do so???


One thought on “Hmh

  1. Anonymous ütles:

    TEad kui hea ja tuttav on lugeda sinu commentseid teemal “my dh”…
    sellistele asjadele mõeldes panigi vanajumal soo jätkamise ja kõige sellega kaasneva naiste õlule, sest mehed kahjuks…. ei suuda seda ka parima tahtmise juures… I MIGHT COME HOME TOMORROW
    aga seda on nii hea kuulda, et naised on ikkagi maailma parimad!!!

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