Major food overload….

I am complainer. I AM. I complain about everything and I WHINE, and I yell, and scream and compalin bit more. I started complaining to my dh about that he Never takes me to Caspian Restaurant. ( best persian food around). he takes his business partners there, his friends… BUT WHAT ABOUT ME>…. HE know I love persian foods, MY FAVORITE.

So he made reservations to Caspian. HUGE place. Not sure how many people it fits, but it was overloaded with different naionalities and if you did not have reservation , people had to wait 2 hours to get table. THAT how good and grazy that place was. AND of course, since it was saturday, bellydancers took stage… NOW, I am not professional bellydancer , but those “BELLYDANCERS” were NOT worth seing. NOT AT ALL. First of all, they did have bellies, but you have to WORK IT GIRLS. IF you want to get a dollar from me, better roll your belly and move those hips from left to the right, from right to the left… Anyways, it was just BLAH… B O R I N G …..
BUT FOOD, Oo MI GAD, food was soooo good, I think I am going to dream about my chicken and rice and eggplants and other things that were on that specialty plate. I love persian food because it is very flavorful ( JUST likeEstonian cuisine,but only different) It was just perfect dinner… I wanted to have baklava but , after I finished my chicken I just had no space for extras… :(:(:( , OH, and I tasted persian vodka… Pretty good. I ever had persian vodka before, so I really can not compare to any other persian brands…. 🙂

I think I will go back to that place, but only when there are no “wannabe” bellydancers on stage… ANd OH, they also danced rumba and salsa I think. Weird….


One thought on “Major food overload….

  1. lennuk ĂĽtles:

    I love Persian food too! I even used to make some… time back then…
    I love their rice!!! Green rice and rice with raisins and nuts and whatever is in there… and their kebabs. Uh, guess I need to look up some recipes…

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