New year…

AND new season of PMS has officialy started. OH yeah baby…. moodswings, breakouts, sexual identiy issues ( I just made that up), irritabiltiy, hunger, hunger, hunger, hunger, moodiness… OH. AND imagine this, it will last about 2 weeks. I so am not looking forward to this”season” and my gyn just laughs and tells me – WELL, it is your own fault that you refuse to take birth control… IT will help OR, I can prescibe you some antidepressants blah blah blah… I told her- Look lady, you know my history, YOU know that some weird ingredient in those pills makes me hallusinate ( BIG TIME), AND you till are tryig to prescirby me some?? What’s in it for you, bigger paycheck for selling some unnessesary drugs for totally inoscent bytander who has major PMS??? I rather drink bottle of vodka and check myself into AA or rehab, so I could meet LIndsey Lohan ( so what I don’t really like her)… DUH…

Anyway, all I really wanted to tell you is , don’t be scared if you see me with few extra pounds… Just think of those xtra pounds as- gallon of ice cream, or pork rinds, or 10 jars of mustard or hot and spicy chillies…( yeah, i got bloody blisters in my mouth because of chillies… )

OK. Off I go to check my eating disorder course ( yes, I am taking online eating disorders, becaue I think I HAVE few,,, ( You know , eating chillies and mustard and ice cream CAN”T be normal….

5 thoughts on “New year…

  1. lennuk ütleb:

    oh, diana… you are so funny! what are you doing with the loads of mustard?!!! just squeezing it into your mouth????

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütleb:

    Well, first I squeeze it into my beautiful round tablespoon, then I top it off with shredded cheese – And VOILAAAAA> lol but yeah, mustrd is my thing… not sure why- mustard and martinis….lol I should start working on mustard martini recipe ///

  3. lennuk ütleb:

    Uh, have never tried mustard with cheese. Have I missed something?!
    Have you tried it with Kange Vene sinepiga? 🙂

  4. Sleeping Beauty ütleb:

    No, I have chinese strong mustard that i worse that that KANGE VENE

    NO and you have not missed anything… Sometimes I mix tabasco sauce with mustard to get me going…lol

  5. lennuk ütleb:

    ok, YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tabasco too… uh! hot!

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