Pop pop pop

Something weird just popped to my head…
You all have been to a kids birhtday party, of if not then friends birthday party. You all have searched for that PERFECT present for that perfect someone. ANd then Bday arrives. You wrap, you decorate, you write a card, you dress up, but on your best smile and WEEEEEEE… of you go to that fun fun fun party. You eat, and dance, and drink and play games with kids and pretend that you are having hellofatime… ( but really you are just checking time- is it 1pm yet, is it?
AND then it is time to open presents …. You look around in the room, everybodyis so fucking exited about it . WOHOO> You re getting sweaty, your hands are starting to shake, uh oh uh oh, they are opening your gift now… Does she/he likes it, is it the BEST GIFT he/she ever gotten…

And then it’s open. Bday person looks at his mom with a nervous smile, you are not sure what is going on, OMG. OMG OMG. MOM looks back at birthdayperson with even more nervous smile – seems like there is some kind of weird communicaton between the 2 of them… AND THEN together they go- OH HOW FUN, we LOVE IT, oh thank you so much, your brother has one JUST LIKE IT. ….. WA wa wa wawa

I am not sure why I even posted it….lol but lately I have seen so many upset faces- KIDS DO NOT know HOW TO APRECIATE “THINGS” ANYMORE. ME NOT HAPPY, ME CRAPPY. SO NEXT TIME YOU INVITE ME TO YOUR BDAY- all you get is H U G …. and do not act confused…..


One thought on “Pop pop pop

  1. lennuk ütles:

    I have never been good at buying the presents. I love giving the presents, but experience very often that… I guess I don’t know this person very well….
    My best present ever what I have gave was this Christmas GPS for my DH. He is even driving to work using it. (He have worked the same building for 3 years!!!) LOL! But he loves it so much! I have challenge ahead of me next Christmas. Am I able to give ever as good as of the present as this GPS?
    Tonight I’m puting your present in full work as I’m going to make salads here… Let’s see if I will give you the looks 🙂
    Actually I used it the other day and it works very good! Now I’m checking out slicers.

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