I’m sad about something, I thougt I would not be sad about. My dh Is leaving me again. AGAIN. This is like 10 time he is leaving and he keeps coming back. STOP PLAYING WITH MY FEELING YOU @$$hole. lol But seriosly, he is just going to “china” to do his job and make us rich…. hahah. it is about time…

Today, my singing instructor told us something very interesting.. He told us, that stop dreaming about being RICH IN THE FUTURE, stop dreaming about learing to sing in the future. Stop dreaming about things happening in the future. it is about time to start DREAMING about things happening to you right now. Dream that you are richNOW, dream that you can sing NOW, dream that you can do everything NOW… and HE IS so RighT. I CAN Do eerything now.- I can do whatever I want, I can be whoever I want to be, I just have to take that step now… and I am about to…. :):)

ALSO, I made reservations to TI Amo Ristorante in Laguna beach. We are going there with our Long beach friends… We never beent o TI amo, , but I will let you know how food is there….


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