OMG. I am just stupid…+ electrical issues..

Today is tuesday. About 2 hour ago my lights started flickering- in every few minutes they would flash for a second and then turn back to normal. I started getting scared, what if we are going to loose electricity… So I went to Sand Diego Gas and Electric website to find more info and see if something was going on with electricity. YES there is . In Mission viejo area there are about 2000 people without electricity, and seems like people in laguna niguel area are starting to loose it too. I am NOT liking it. Not one bit. :(:(:((:( —- Suspected problem —- Underground electrical problem. I hope this problem will be resolved really fast. 🙂


Ok. here I am trying to follow all those “beauty secrets” that supposed to make you look younger… So , for few days I have had really puffy eyes. Kind of like I have bad hangover kind of eyes…lol so I did some reserach and went to walgreens. I made sure I was the only customer in store, and after confirming that I walked straight to Preparation H isle and started comparing Right Prep H for me..hahahah. Those , who do not know what preparation H is, then go there,

I got the mildest one… You know, after all, I do not want it to shring my whole face….. go, tht would be really ugly…. I payed, rushed home and ‘ applyed it under my eyes… OMG. OMG OMG. It is not working. Instead of me having puffy eyes, Now I have puffy , red and swollen eyes. THANKS god i trryed it on my face first. Think about it, if I applyed Prep H to my @$$ first, what would have happene. My @$$ would have swollen to a size of an really huge watermelon ( or 2)… Whewww, thanks got we now have eliminated that problem….

Now I have to figure out how to get rid of my swollen eyes.. I do not want to walk to school tomorrow morning and see all the parents whispering- SHE must stayed awake whole night figuring out how to get that Prep H swelling down…..

OK. Off I go to stick my face into to bowl of ice….

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