Birds love me…

Today starte out crappy, so I decided to take my camera and Head to Dana Point . Weather is cold and crappy, insurance companies are cold and crappy….

At least I got some luv from birds. They worked they” tails” off to get me take pics of them. They landed next to my and just stared at me like I was alian from Europe ( kind off…). And when i was about to leave Dana Point , one seal decided to pay me a wisit and cheer me up 🙂

5 thoughts on “Birds love me…

  1. Kathy ütles:

    Beautiful photos, I haven’t been down to the beach for a while although we drive by all the time.

    I love January in southern California, it’s usually one of the nicest times even though it’s cold this year.

    Is that seal dead? That position doesn’t look quite natural and I’ve never seen them come up on the sand, they usually hang out on the jetty.

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    lol not dead… He/she was all over the pace and looked really happy, that was the only position , I got pics done, because it was rolling around 🙂 There was other one who was observing everything from far away… Did not trust me…

  3. lennuk ütles:

    Diana… Haven’t been here for a while. I have crazy time right now… Deadlines (LEP tellimisleht ja brozhüür) and I’m stressed…
    So, instead doing my stuff I wonder here and I’m looking your birds! And to calm down pressure inside me I have Lakka liköör! Just a sip worked and now I’m ready for deadlines!!!!!!!
    I was actually going to call you today but realized I still don’t have your number in my cell.
    Hope you are doing ok!!!!

  4. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    lol YOU DONT ???? DANG.. I am going mailit to you NOW…

  5. lennuk ütles:

    thanks…. I have them somewhere but they are not set up in my new cellphone.

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