Mida, mida???

Don’t act like you know me, You don’t know me , ( doing my little head thing from side to side). Just kidding you homies…

I think my husband lost his mind. He decided that it is OK to have a meeting in Virginia. So weird. SO now he is coming home tomorrow ( yes I am going to pick him up from LAX, and myself, I stand under ENCOUTNER restaurant because I just want that thing to fall on me right there and then, so I can earn my WINGS… ( NO I AM NOT SUICIDAL). I just want my wings…. So he comes home for a day, and then runs as fast as possible to Virginia, because for GODS sake. ONE DAY with family is just WAY to much- AND I completely agree. So after that week he comes home for a day again and then we will celebrate his forty something birthday early this year….

ATTENTION— ALL OF YOU WHO ARE USING PICTURES TAKEN BY ME , AND DISPLAY THEN ON YOUR WEBSITES ( HINT, HINT), PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THEM, BUT GIVE ME SOME KIND OF CREDIT. Right now I am working creating my logo to display on my pics , but until then, be nice to me…..


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