This is not funny…

…but I almost hit an leprechaun today. Little green , Mexican dude… I am not rude here you guys, but after leaving Estonian house, I had to make that famous right turn , and traffic was bitch. And there I was trying to make right turn and SUDDENLY, out of nowhere jumped out little green fat dude and started waving his hands. OF course, “zebra” was not seeable from where I was, and I did not see any people crossing. But I must be getting old, or I just do not see little people. .. Anyway, I hit my brakes as fast as possible , and stopped before I hit my little green Mexican, but oh damn, that Mexican was angry Mexican, he started waving his hands, showing me middle finger and pointing his eyes like letting me know, hei you bitch, where are your eyes. He was really angry looking and I looked at other cars, and everybody else was laughing their asses off. So there I was holding my laughter back, because I was scared that that green guy would pull green gun out of his pants and start shooting…. But yeah, after he crossed I started laughing too, because he was just fuckin’ funny… who thought that day after St Patrick’s day I would see green dudes running wild….


One thought on “This is not funny…

  1. Julee ütles:

    You crack me up! I think we need to get you on stage at the comedy club. You should read a book called “Behind the tortilla curtian.” It is about a man that hit the “leprechaun.”

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