I feel like I am in mood for little “Chinese”. Nope, I know it is April Fools day, but I am not trying to make fools out of you..

I want to tell you about my grocery store experience in Chinese Supermarket- you know one of those stores where clothes, food and frogs are all sold in one… Yup..

Well, there I was , standing in line, cart filled with Chinese delicacies, that list NO nutritional information.. Weird, Not sure how Chinese manage to stay so slim without knowing how many calories they really are consuming…. But that is another story…

So there I was, waiting. . It was Sunday evening and store was packed with busy , and loud Asians. IT was hard to breath…. It was hot and supermarket stank… like dead frogs… Yuck yuck…. Before me stood about 5 other people, also sweating and looking around , thinking who the heck farted… Probably that white girl… she looks suspicious…..

Well, there I was standing, uncomfortable, because now everybody probably thought that I farted… and then out of nowhere ran one full of shit asian dude, and cut in front of me. At first I thought that , oh well, it is China, people do weird things here, they think only white girls fart, and now they cut in front of white girl, who’s shopping cart was full of attention, because everybody wanted to see WHAT I EAT TO STAY SO FAT….

Back to that Asian dude. I was furious and I just said out loud – DUMBASS-/ I knew he did not speak English, HE did not look like he could speak English,.. SO I thought that I was safe.. BUT, I was not only person in store who could speak English. There were 2 girls waiting on line, next to us. After I said DUMBASS.. I heard giggling… hihihih hihihih hihihih hihihih dksoishnknkdsh398ry9nklh(Y*^876))(__& ( they were talking to each other, and I guess that long line of nonsense just ment- I CANT BELIVE SHE TOLD HIM HE IS DUMBAss.. )*^(&^NKHJKBKJ B*&TNOIY(OKLU)*NH(JOK).
It weird to look at those girls… They covered their giggling mouths, hoping that I do not understand that talk was about me… DUH… I was only blue eyed person there …

But, I was still furious.. I can’t stand bad manners… AND if that dude had spoken any English , I would have given him speech about manners and birds and bees, and toothbrush and toothpaste, but since he was genuine Chinese, I just decided not to disturb him. I just told him DUMBASS one more time with a smile and bumped my shopping cart into him….. Dumbass…


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