Pean veel lisaks juurde mainima et, toidu korvale pakkusin vahevalt 5 erinevat teed- Jasmiini, roosioie, piparmyndi, oolong, ja valge jasmiini tee. KUigi kodus on mul hetkel yle 15 erineva tee variandi, ei suutnud ma maitsmiseks rohkem valmistada. J Lisan veel paal pilti..

To those who have no idea what I am talking about- I hosted a From Europe to Asia party. I filled room with tables and chairs, ( to resemble busy Chinese restaurant) , got food tea, snacks an Hot Pot party was ready to start. We also played few games, had quizzes, etc. It was tons of funJ


One thought on “jatkuks

  1. lennuk ütles:

    Thank you Diana for hosting! It was such a good idea and food was so good!
    Photos are so colorful!
    Happy Birthday!

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