Lets talk about cuisine. I am hungry. I have been dieting for couple of days, since my size 13 pants ( largest I have been in 4 years), did not want to fit me anymore. :(:(:(
I am big Russian food lover. Just simplicity of foods and flavor. Nothing to overpowering. ( Kind of like Estonian, 😉 ).
I was just watching Extra , and they were talking about this amazing new restaurant in LA. It is called Romanov, and it serves “international” food with contemporary kick. … I add this place to my “To do” list. 🙂 Who wants to go there with me ????

I am also big Mexican food lover. Now, I am not taco or burrito person – BUT HOME MADE Tamales, and REAL, Enchiladas – OMG. YOu got to be kidding me.. That is my kind of comfort food…

I love food, and I’d be lying to you if I tell you that Dieting is easy. 😩 Now, that I have not smoked a sig for over 4 months ( I think), food tastes so much better, aroma, flavor, more aroma…. Oh, ..( can you tell, I am hungry , as I am typing this???, I just opened bottle of red wine, and I am so fucking screwed , because I cant enjoy food with it. ( I thought if one of my Best friends can do it, I can do it,,, NO eating after 6 PM ; ) ),…. It sucks not to EAT, what I want to eat, when I want to eat……… BAAAAAA


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  1. lennuk ĂŒtles:

    I’m dieting too! I have maintained my weight pretty ok, but in past 2 weeks I have gained from nowhere 4 pounds. In couple of days. That’s not good, right!
    I know that I need to stop right now! I need to do something. I have been there so many times. Weight goes up couple of pounds and when I know it, it’s up 10 or 20 pounds.
    So, I have been eating soup for couple of days. And will try to follow this line during the weekend with one or two exceptions.

    But I would like to go to Romanov and also… I love tamales. Do you know how to make them? I would love to learn. I have heard that it involved business!

    Maybe after August we could do some Cooking Show!?

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