new gyn- I like her.., pap smear, breast exam, pelvic exam, low but health blood pressure, prescription for anti depressants – celexa,, but I got generic brand and got it for free. It is weird… I took my first pill, and all i did was yawn all day long, kind of like I want to throw up , but instead I am going to yawn… haha… Doctro told me not do drink any alcoholic beverages at first, so I know what are side effects…. lol Bummer, and I was hoping to open bottle of whiskey and finish it up…..Yawwwwnnnnn.

ALSO, leila, my good friend Leila thinks I am fat. She does.. How sad is this.. Today she sent me email with Allure Total Makeover … With this, and slim fast and Celexa , and vegetables I’ll be able to drop 10 lbs in 6 weeks… At least I am hoping so….


2 thoughts on “hihi

  1. lennuk ütleb:

    Wake up, Diana!!!
    Huh, I’m embarrassed… I don’t think that anybody is fat… except me! :)))
    Wake up! Don’t yawwwwnnn!

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütleb:

    lol.. thats how I am… I look at other people who are in my weight range and think they look good, and then i see myself in the mirror and I think I look hideous. oh more yawns yaaawwwnnn. I am not really tired, but I yawn, People say I do not get enough oxygen in.. huh??

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