REgina is fighting hard for her life right now. Her tiny smart brain is filled with multiple tiny tumors that grow minute by minute. I was told that we are leaving hospital and take her home next week to make her last few months as comfortable as possible . I was told that chemo will not work this time even thought some oncologists may recommend it.
I wrote little more in my Life as it is blog


Regina and Co.


2 thoughts on “PRAY FOR REGINA

  1. Melissa Starr ütles:

    We are all praying for all of you at this very difficult time in your life. Stay strong!!!!

  2. Anonymous ütles:

    I am leaving my comment on this blog because I can’t sign into Regina’s. Thank you for giving us updates on your blog. I don’t ask all the questions I have when I see you because I figure you have to repeat them so many times through the day. I would rather spend time with you, Regina and Gabriel. Sending prayers your way.

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