I am sorry..

I am truly sorry that I have left this blog kind of hanging…
Truth is- I can’t find anything negative to say at this moment. I could talk about how cancer sucks and how , sleeping in hospital bed night after night sucks.
What I can say is.. I will be back after I inhale some negativity from somewhere and I’ll be back..
Well, I should have something Negative to say actually. Reginas story was published in one Estonian Newspaper ( well, it is US kind of newspaper, full of gossip and daily Estonian news) It also has online Version. For me it was little bit strange to read comments where people commented things like- Gabriel Austin got his name because Mom and Dad had sex in backseat of Austin Martin???? Or.. Perverts- they radiated their daughter, or the best comment of all- what a Stupid brainless housewife I am. Most likely after my 15 minutes of fame….

Comments like that just make me roll my eyes… roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll….
But I was also surprised by all the great caring comments. 🙂 Thank you . I did not contact newspaper . They contacted me, and I just wanted share Reginas story, because I feel that she is incredible fighter and strong spirit. Yes, she is INCREDIBLY spoiled, but why not spoil her to pieces… We even feed her lol.. Just regina… lol She is true Princess here…. 😉


2 thoughts on “I am sorry..

  1. Kathy ĂŒtles:

    I wish I could read and write Estonian.

    It appears as if the person who made that comment about Gabriel is a bit confused.

    There is no such car as an Austin Martin.

    What really happened was that the parents of the commenter named their kid A**hole, since he or she was conceived in an Aston Martin.

  2. lennuk ĂŒtles:

    Dear Diana!
    Don’t worry about these comments!
    I have stopped reading comments on newspapers and delfi as they are just so stupid. Most of them. I used to read and I got always so mad! What kind of people are these!???? So I stopped reading the comments!!!!
    Don’t pay any attention to these stupid remarks.
    Real people care! And care a lot!

    Regina lugu puudutab paljusid… just nĂ€itamaks, et inimeste pisiprobleemid on köömes selle kĂ”rval, mida teie pere lĂ€bi elab!
    Ma tahaks nÀha kÔiki neid lÔuapoolikuid, kui nemad selles situatsiooni satuvad!
    Diana, kallis! Ole tugev!

    Kena nÀdalavahetust teile sinna! Nii kena, kui see haigla seinte vahel saab olla!!!!!!!

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