I am not sure…

what happened to My PMS. I do not have PMS at all. I feel peace. Nothing bugs me, ( besides my own stupid issues like fat ass and acne covered face).
I look like I need a serious face lift and More I walk around In LA area, I do need bigger boobs and more fat in my belly area….. Just thought I let you know…..

I need something , but I am not sure what I need. I want to do things, but I can not start anything. I want people act NORMAL around me. I am so tired everybody being careful what they are saying or suggesting… Oh dang it… Life goes on no matter what is going on in our lives. If I can deal with it , so can you….


2 thoughts on “I am not sure…

  1. Anonymous ütles:

    Way to go Diana, I feel the same thing ( my son too was diagnosed with medulablastoma). I too have the same problem with acne and weight. They told me it’s the stress, then I do yoga to help me relieve the stress. It works 🙂
    God bless you
    Regina is always in my prayer.
    Natalia, Montreal, Canada

  2. Amy ütles:

    You can have my big boobs if you take the belly fat too. Deal?

    All my best wishes and prayers for Regina. Keep on fighting!

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