Yah.. I am bjak.
It has been pretty intense few weeks. Honestly, Life in Ronald McDonald house is pure rehab. No drinking, I need a drink…… I am not smoking, so what smoking is allowed. Should I start again?.. At least I will start saying no to macadamia nut cookies. ( I LOVE COOKIES).. Somebody bring me a bottle of TURI vodka , I really need it. DANG.. I need drinking buddies… AND I really need to get my fat ass to gym. I wanna go, but I really do not feel like it.. I want to loose weight, but what does it really matter, if I am going to gain it back afterwards??? hmh? I am not ready for LIFESTYLE change… blah blah blah… ALL I need is one LONG night in nightclub with girls, drinking Martinis and listening latest club beats… like Gimme me more…lollollol…
More what?? Cookies??? cakes?? Spider cupcakes, candy corn?? gummy spiders?? YUCK.. sugar overload here….. ok, nuff that…

Also, I really need to see chiropractic.. My back , neck is sooo stiff and painful. And to top it off, my latest trend is to have nightly headaches… It is starting to get annoying… ( sorry, for complaining about my silly issues, when people are loosing their homes due to fire in ca).
Air quality sucks, we are breathing in junks of dust… It still has not rained, WE are stuck here in LA due to Reginas LOW counts… And add more to the story, WE HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE UNTIL REGINAS ANC IS AT LEAST 500…. Which will happen about in 5 days…

BUT I have to admit. I am so thankful to my good friend Julee, who did my hair. She did extraordinary job cutting and coloring. My hair never looked better. 😉 Thanks JULEE…


3 thoughts on “I am BAAACK…

  1. Lennuk ütles:

    I really, really, reallllly like your hair!!!! I love the cut! Color looks good on you too! Too brave to do it myself… 🙂

  2. julee ütles:

    I think I love before and after pictures more than anything in the hair industry. It is so much fun! Have you had any cutters remorse? I havent with mine. I feel like myself again.

    I bought you the purple color as well.

  3. Kathy ütles:

    Your hair looks great Diana.

    Maybe its easier to care for shorter too, easy is good when you’re in the hospital.

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