Nahhh…blog that makes no sense

For a while I though I am going to close this blog, because I got sick of my negative side. I disgusted myself with my own negativity.. Not me at all..
I thought about it for a minute and said to myself…. So what? There is nice side to all of us and mostly we show that pretty side… but I know 100 percent ,that all of us also have that nasty i know it all side, and since most of us want to stay safe we only smile and nod and walk away from drama..

I have been watching Bad Girls Club( or whatever that show was), and I was watching that show with dropped jaw( I think it hit the floor……), and disbelief. HOW could anybody behave the way girls behaved in that show. It was purely disgusting.

They were spitting in food, peeing on countetops and sinks, getting drunk and wasted and yuck….

YOu know. I love to party once in a while. I like to get drunk once in a while. I know I look like fool and my face looks pretty screwed up… but There is no excuse for me to start a fight when I am drunk, or disrespect people.. But I am not drinking every night, I am not drinking for breakfast, for lunch or dinner…. When things really get out of hand? Why people start wanting to drink for brakfast? Why they feel like they can’t stop drinking? WHat is their excuse? When does addictions start? IF I have glass of whine once a day during dinner- does it mean I am alcoholic? If I do not drink for couple of weeks, does it mean I am in remission and then after couple of weeks I had a drink I relapsed??
I am talking about it because – seems like “everybody” is checking in to rehabs. Is it next in thing to do to get publicity? Do I need publicity, attention? Should I check into rehab only because I really love my once in a while glass of wine and feel like I am addicted to cheese and wine? Is there addiction clinic for Cheese lovers? Because I like cheese on everything…..


2 thoughts on “Nahhh…blog that makes no sense

  1. Kathy ütles:

    Some day you’ll have to be completely honest with me and let me know if your English is really good and you deliberately make errors just for their comedic value.

    I don’t know about your kids but mine have a glass of whine for every meal.

    And if you manage to find a good program to break cheese addiction, let me know about it.

    Although I’m not sure that a life without cheese would be a very good one.

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    Yeah kathy. My issue with this kind of mistakes is- spell checker does not pick them up…LOL. And WIne kind of is whine, it makes me whiny and moody…lol

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