PAFA Desperate Housewives Lunch

Beth and KirinIMG_7234MafaldaCeciliaCeciliaMarina
MarinaMarinaIMG_7223Beautiful MarinaIMG_7221Beautiful Cecilia
IMG_7219Marina, Cecilia and MafaldaMarina , Cecilia and MafaldaBeautiful Marina, Cecilia and mafaldaAmy trying to do "Dianas" face... Keep on practicingWith Amy
Me and my Canadian goddess AmyIMG_7209Not sure ... She most likely had some bad Italian food...Beauties in HangzhouIMG_7203Amy, the Glamorous one.

Mar 5, 2013, a set on Flickr.

Viimane Fun emade lounasook Angelo’s restoranis 😀


2 thoughts on “PAFA Desperate Housewives Lunch

  1. In. ütles:

    Marina nagu modell

    • caliwitch ütles:

      YUP 🙂 Marina on vaga ilus. Kuid nagu peaaegu igal naisel, nii on ka tal probleeme, et ta pole piisavalt ilus, kuna ta mees ytles talle mingi aeg tagasi, et ta on liiga paks.. no ok…

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