Bellydance class Recital

Those of you who are interested here is the info about my first performance. It will be group performance .

Thursday, December 7th , 7.30 PM-9PM

Location: 384 Legion Street

laguna Beach . CA 92651

Admission Free+ refreshments.

More info Call Jheri St James

(949)494 5031

I hope to see you there :):):)


yeah, thanksgiving is OVER for this year. Turkey was PERFECT- cooked by me- thank you very much….. 😉
NOW Chirstams is different story. I am done with christmas shopping. DONE.I spent 350 dollars today in TARGET. people better LOVE their present Or I want my money back…… BUT this is how my family room looked few hours ago. MESS. MESS that I can not stand , messs that clutters my brain, MESS that I become sometimes … Anyway, I had fun shopping and I will be having even more fun wrapping those presents tomorrow.:).
NOW, Yes, I have finished shopping for friends , but what in the world should I get to my dh?? Every fuckin’ year i stand in front of same problem- What would my dh want. I know what he wants- BMW 7 series or whatever he calles it, OR Porsche Cayenne.. Does he think that I am santa claus or married to Donald trump??? he has I pod, he has underwear, he has ties,,, Maybe I should get him some English lessons because his english is getting worse and worse, soon I will have hard time understanding what he has to say.( I already do, he blames it on ME not listening… lol ). Anyway, good and original ideas needed….
ALSO I am PMSing big time. Today I ate whole jar of wasabe mustard. yeah, my comfort food. Into mustard I mixed some feta cheese and balsamic vinegar and I ate it with tablespoon. I tryed to tip fruits in it but it just tasted wrong… Maybe next time I should try tipping vegetables in it..

3 girls..

3 girls, 2 bedrooms and at least 10 pairs of shoes….
I hope you guys had fun thanksgiving and did not overdue your turkey.
Shortly before thanksgiving I had an oportunity to spend 3 nights in Vegas. I am so glad I did go and I am thankful to my DH who came home to take care of kids while I was getting wasted in some top notch lounges…lol

Vegas Was so much fun. But imagine this- one of us did not care about time, 2 of us are addicted of being on time, 1 of us was on strict diet, 1 of us wanted to spend all night long dancing and 2 of us wanted to leave as soon as clock hit midnight ….(lol) But regardless of our differences WE managed to stay friends and not beat each other up.

We saw 2 shows- Mamma Mia and Chippendales ( sp). Mamma mia was good BUT our seats were far back and it was hard to see peoples facial expressions. Music was awsome I just wish we spent an extra dollar to get better seats. After show we went to MIX lounge. I have been most of the lounges there before, but oh boy, I wish I had apartment up there. Mandalay Bay lounge has awsome view to city. We danced and enjoyed free coctails until midnight.

Now chippendales was different story. We had AWSOME seats- just in Center and second row. We had the best view what was going on. I recommend this show to all of you….. Very nice seating arrangements, hot looking bodys ( on stage)… But I do have to mention this… Leila, Reet and I ( and couple of other girls.) were BEST looking, BEST dressed people there.. Seriosly. If you seen what I saw , you’d be covering your eyes and screaming on top of your lungs-OH, I AM BLIND, I CAN”T see GIVE THAT GIRL SOME clothes to but on….. body with at least 4 muffintops ..not prettyyyyy…. OH ,,,,, and

Make sure you take your voice with you when you go because I can quaranteete you- You will be screaming your lungs out…… After Chippendales we

( Leila has to work more on his ghetto face… and fingers….lol

hit the Voodoo lounge- MY FAVE lounge in the city. It is located in Rio casino 51st floor and the VIEWS from there ARE breathtaking.. music was good , band was awsome.. and drinks ( mostly water …. were deliciouuuussss)
ha. But again, I am not sure was it diet Leila was on, or was it buffet Reet had for lunch – they started bothering me with questions- So bitch, are y ready to leave now??? Oh cheesh, I was just getting started and there they were, my 2 favorite downeres dragging me away ……

But regardless of our differences we had the BEST time ever. Reet and I sampled 2 buffets( The Orlens- awsome food choises and lunch was only 8 dollars, And Mirage buffet that looked contemporary but food was overcooked( to dry) and price for lunch was 18 dollars. AND mirage dessert selection sucked big time. Not enought to eat….lol If you ask Reet- she whould tell you that she had a lunch with food critic who turned out to be not so mellow about her photographs as welll. Sorry, but I had to keep myself entertained…….lol
OK. Enjoy our pics. Some of the pics are taken by Reet and some by me. i do not like when someboyd uses my pics and tells other that they took them, so Reet Thank you for taking some awsome shots of me 😉

Not to worry. :)

Happy thanksgiving to you all. Thank you so much guys for being there for me when I needed you most. Thank you for your kind words and support , Thank you for understanding my weird European accent, thank you for reading my blog and thank you for being part of my life. :):):):)

I have some good news for you – first- Regina is doing great . I got a email from her doctor and he said , that most likely changes in her MRI I due to Radiation therapy… So Thanksgiving will be happy after all. But we still have to go back to memphis in January 9th. Who wants to join me ???

AND I AM BACK FROM VEGAS>> Yeah baby…. But details later. I am so tired and I have to clean up my house and do prep work for tomorrows thanksgiving…


ALl I got to say that I am worried. Past couple of weeks REgina has complained headaches and now…..
Dr Gajjar told me that there are changes in Reginas Brain ( original Tumor site) and he does not know what is going on. We have to keep an close eye on her and give call back in middle of december. They want to bring her in in Beginning of january for another MRI. 😦
I am very emotional over this. Shuttle will pick us up in 10 minutes and all I can do is cry. :(:(:(

I love you all ;)

I hope that I am Gay post did not scare you off my dear girlfriends….. But seriosly – my dh told me that he would not mind AT ALL if I had a “girlfriend” . Well, I hope he really ment it because I am about to … yeah, …..

This post will be ALL about me and my needs. And holidays fast aproaching ( sp?_ I have created MY wishlist. YES. MY, MY MY ,MY ALL ABOUT MY NEEDS- wishlist. OH btw, our 8th anniversary is on December 28th….

  1. Startbucks giftcards- just make sure it is not BLANK
  2. Best buy giftcards OR new Rebel XTi digital slr 😉
  3. iTunes giftcards because I have I pod and I need sponsors who could afford to pay for my music needs.
  4. Kohls giftcards – because I really need new trendy clothes
  5. shutterfly giftcard – because I love taking pictures and ordering them online.
  6. Target giftcards- because I just like target
  7. New mercedes- yes, haha( this one is for my dh)
  8. 8×10 picture frames
  9. Sephora giftcards
  10. IKEA giftcards- because I want to purchase one of their roundtables
  11. Presidenti coffee from estonia
  12. Metsatollu CD
  13. Trader Joes giftcard
  14. RED WINE- Chiraz or syrah, or Zinfandel

Not much to ask?? No. Not that I want to pressure you to get me all those things, but I just want to let you know that THIS female has needs and wants….. 😉

Talk to you next week. IT started to rain today and I hope it stops tomorrow, BECAUse we are going to Memphis, St Jude again for 3 month check up ( Regina has MRI and labs…)