Yeah. :)

I got my car back today. IT has new and updated navigation system, FINALLY my house is on right side of the road. lol And it knows where my dermatologist is in San Clemente. lol

Right now I am watching AMerican Idol. THis show sucks big time this year. I would sue them if Chris looses. Other “amateur singers” just suck ( well, Elliot is ok also), but still they are horrible and boring. At least Kelly has good ” naive ” kind fo sense of humor and makes me laugh every time she opens her mouth…. but it is starting to get old…. I really am hard to please. My husband was right…. Talking about my husband. Since may 1st is huuuuge holiday in china , people take week off , so he decided he spends thousand bucks and comes home. I rather see this money on our bank account, but oh well, if he misses us that much, let him come home for a week….. 😉 We also can celebrate my birthday together( almost). My birthday is on May 8th, but he leaves on may 7th. SO I think WE have to do something exiting. We have gift sertificate to go to W hotels
( Thanks Sam), if we get a sitter and there is room vacant — maybe….

Then I am pissed because my made did not show up today. I clean my house every day, but I want someone to do deep cleaning once a month. UGH. I guess she forgot. Yeah…

Yeah, right..

.. so finally today I took my ML 500 to dealership repears to get my navigation system fixed. That damn thing was driving me grazy. I can not stand broken things. THey are cluttering my mind and make me stressed. So when I got there the guy told me that there are few dents on my doors and they can get those taken out – 150 dollars per door. THanks, but NO thanks. I can live with tiny dents. But I can not live with broken navigation system. :):): Tomorrow I’ll find out what the heck is going on.

Then. I got replacement car. At first they wanted to give me C230 ( I think), but then they saw my kids and 2 car seats and I got older ML 350. I HATE IT!!!! Yes, it is ML , big spaceous…. BUT IT IS fuckin’g 350. It aint 500. When I press gas pedal down I get potpot pot rrrrrrrrrpot potpot rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It means it is not as fast as I like my car to be. It took me while to get used to driving it, becasue I am used to fast excelaration. lol. I am such a drama queen. My friend is right… she told me while ago that I make something out of nothing…. so what was I talking about again….. Just don’t mind me today. I am just pissed because I got older car to replace my 2003 car. Blah……


Nae , jalle olen oma Eesti keelse blogi unarusse jatnud. Kirjutada on paljustki olnud, kuid kahjuks ei ole tahtmist olnud.

Soovin teile seal Eestis Haid Lihavotteid. Me tahistasime oma lihavotteid eelmine nadal. Varvisime mune ja lugesime lihavotte teemalisi raamatuid.

Tana aga kaisime me Lastega LOs Angelese Eesti majas Vendade Urbide kontsertil. Lapsed panin L. majja videod vaatama ja ise nautisin kontserti. Pean mainima et see kontsert oli viimase aja yks parimaid kogemusi. Olen Urbide austaja olnud juba umbes 14 aastasest saati ja neid nii otse Live’na kuulda oli awsome kogemus. Sain ka nendega paar sona vahetada , kuid millest , selle jatan enda teada kuna mis neil oelda oli voib nii monegi inimese valja vihastada ( Kuigi ise usun sellesse mis neil oelda oli). Allrighty.

Anyway. Tana lahen magama jalle yhe kogemuse vorra rikkamana 🙂

Oh maaaaaan

Yeah, that is how I feel today. Today started out pretty good. I volunteer in my daughters classroom every friday. So as I was getting ready to go to her school suddenly something weird happened. I got horrible ringing in my ears, I could not hear anything for few seconds. I lost my balance and almost fell over. Very weird. After that I got very very weird headache . It is just in one part of my head- lover right side of my head( backside). It is still there and bothers me a lot. I allready took 2 prescription painkillers but nothing happened. Pressure and pain are still there and bother me a lot. 😦 I hate headaches. 😦

Problem no 2. My car has awsome navigation system. But beginning this week it started playing tricks on me. One moment it is on, then second moment screan goes blank and nothing for 20 minutes. It irks me. So I called Mercedes service department and they are going to take a look what is going on. And of course things only happen when I do not need them to happen.
Tomorrow I have to drive to LA area. Vennad Urbid( Brothers Urb) are giving a concert in Estonian house and I do not want to miss that concert. I love Urbs. So now I have been printing out mapquest and Yahoo maps to get some directions . I have been in Estonian house few times, but navigation system took me there, I did not have to think about how to get there. Now I do and I am freeking out. Seriosly. I also printed out some alternative directions incase there is somthing wrong on road …. Oh, I really am messed up…

Problem 3. I just waisted 7.50 in movie theater. Seriosly. I WASTED it. Scary Movie 4 was piece of crap. I hated it . I usually like stupid kind of humor , but this one was just gross and stupid and gross one more time. I almost walked out of theater, but since I WASTED my money I had to sit there and “ENJOY” it till the end. And the ending was stupido.!!!

OK. Thats it for today. Stay tuned for more PMS. OR send me sone Tampax….

I’m just lazy

there is alot to write about, but I just don’t want to. I lost interest. My latest news is thta WE ( R, G and I got Chinese visas and are ready to pack our bags and move to China – FOREVER…lol 25 days sounds like FOREVER. Nick better find me some interesting activities. I just hope that he does not force me to walk entire Grate wall – ……lol Kids are weird. They told me that they want to go to Estonia first and then think about if they want to go to China. They are weird.

Ok. Yeah, I am PMSing. But I don’t get it. I really dont. This past year I get fever before my AF. ( yeah, I know to much information) . I get sick. I also get nausea, headaches, vomiting at times and horrible upper respiratory infections. Doctor looks at me and tells me. YUP, You are PMSing. WTF?? I know you are my good friend, but it does not give you the right to make fun of me when I feel misreable. Seriosly. He is a nutjob. WHy do I even bother to keep him as my doctor. Then he prescribes me antibiotics with refils and tells me- I know , in 4o days you will be back here complaning same thing , so there you go. I save you 35 dollars !!! Another WTF?? Is that how you are trying to tell me that you had enough and I should get my head checked??
But I just smile and say- Thank you doctor. I will sell these drugs on Ebay, because there are lot of people who are willing to pay lots of money for this piece of relief. Then he looks at me and tells me- ” I trust you ! ” Then he opens the door, tells me see ya’. After this doctors wisit I am 70 dollars poorerererer – it is like loosing 7 bottles of pretty good wine….