Annan meie tegemistest kah vahepeal teada. :)

(Joshua synnipaev-Joshua sai aastaseks)
Jalle pean vabandama , et olen laisk olnud ja pole teada andnud kuidas meie elu kulgeb kah 🙂
Viimased paar nadalat on moodunud vaga kiiresti. Regina ja Gabriel on tagasi koolis. Molemad enam vahem terved nyyd juba. Peale eesti reisi jaime koik kolmekesi haigeks Kohisime ja olime palavikus. Gabriel ikka veel kohib vaheke, kuid ei midagi hullu 🙂 Lasteaias koik kohivad ja nohisevad:)

Nyyd kui Nick on kah kodus , on meil tegevust kyllaga. Viimased 10 paeva on moodunud soomaorgiate ja pidude tahe all.(Kristina lahkumis pidu-fotol)
Synnipaevad, Uue aasta algus, tuttavate ohtusoogid.. jne. Vahemalt on mida teha. (Ylemisel fotol- Melody synnipav/Koera aasta vastuvott)

Nick jaab koju Martsi alguseni ja siis tagasi hiina kuuks ajaks. Ta peab hiinast tagasi tulema enne 31 martsi- sel aastal saab Nick muideks 40 aastaseks( alles see oli kui ta32 oli) Ta tahab oma juubelit soprade ja USA tuttavatega tahistada 🙂 Kellel on haid ja originaalseid ideid kuidas meeldejaavat juubelit tahistada mailige mulle voi kommige seda blogi sissekannet;) Ka halvad ideed on oodatud. 😉

Happy New Year!Year 2006 (Red Dog) is the 4703rd Chinese year. The Chinese believe that the first king of China was the Yellow King (he was not the first emperor of China). The Yellow King became king in 2697 B.C., therefore China will enter the 4703rd year on February 4th, 2006. Also, the Chinese Year uses the cycle of 60 Stem-Branch counting systems and the Red Dog is the 23rd Stem-Branch in the cycle. Since 4700 = (60 *78) + 23, therefore this Red Dog Year is the 4703rd Chinese Year. Complicated??? Tell me about it. lol last night ( saturday) we went to our friends B day and it was also Chinese new years ever. ( she is wearing pink sweater on Pic, Melody). We started out in some Mr Pocets sports bar, where we played pool, arcade, foosball, … and around we went to chinese restaurant. I was not impressed with that restaurant very much. Food was toooo sweet, ( even my dh thought that food sucked big time). We do not like sweet chinese food. We love everything spicy.!!!!! After that party we went to other pary- one of our friends moves to London and she invited all the estonian chicks to her house( regulars, I mean). Almost all the girls had bought cake with them, so all there really was to eat were cakes- cheesecakes, rhubarb pie, apple pie, grazy hair cake( srry Leila, that is how I call that cake), and some other cakes … so it was sweeeet night. ;). TODAY- sunday, we went to one more B day- it was first B day to our friends baby. Happy B Day Josh. Joshuas dad was men of the day and grilled us huuuuge hamburgers, stakes, sausages- food was awsome. Kids played, I ate, sun was shining and now I regret that I ate b/c my jeans are fitting really tight and I keep promising – tomorrow I will start my diet, tomorrow I will start my diet- and Like that I have been promising for 3 weeks now. But oh well, there is always day after tomorrow……;)

Nothing much is going on now. Today we went to see Big Mommas House2. FUNNY, VERY FUNNY!! Tomorrow we got lots of things going on. Birthday Party, Chinese New Years Eve, one of our friend is moving to london- so she has open house by-by party ( also tomorrow. Then , on sunday we have one more B party to go. At least we have something to do instead of sitting home and eating. ( yup, I am still eating. ) I gained 6 lbs within 8 days and working out is not an opiton right now. I tryed, but I ran out of breath after 10 minutes of biking, walking or lifting weights. So , if you see me in near future DO NOT ASK IF I AM PREGNANT- just know, I just got fat…

blues, I got wednesday blues…

Srry I have note been calling, emailing, chitchatting on msn or just catching up with you on any other way. I have very good reason for that- I JUST DONT FEEL LIKE IT. 😦 DO I sound mean? Do not take it personally- it is all in my head, You have done nothing wrong ;).
My healt is almost back to normal, only thing that is bothering me is sinus pressure now. But I think it is because Santa Ana winds brought some awsomely polluted air to Laguna Niguel and my allergies are acting up( not fun) . My bladder infection and tonsilitus are under control and I do not have to use restroom in every 5 minutes. 🙂

OK. OH, I forgot to mention. Past 5 days I have been eating like I am on steroids( not a joke). Antibiotics I am taking are making me hungry 24/7. I wake up middle of the night and I am hungry, I finished eating my breakfast and I am hungry, and I MEAN HUNGRY. If I do not get to eat food when I want it , I get those weird chills- GIMME FOOD NOW CHILLLLLS. AND I get very very very moody…. I have 5 more days on antibiotics . My pants don’t fit me anymore…. APPI ( HELP)

I wish…

This weather that we had for couple of days, would last all year long. It is not to hot, not to cold- just right. perfect. 🙂
My dh is home now, kids are happy, I am happy and he is happy and all I hear is what a life, what a life what a life. blahblahblah. lol Yeah, i am PMSing and all the other things combined…

Anyway, yesterday , after we dropped kids to school we went to Barnes and Noble. he had coffe, I had my grande nonfat decaf latte with splenda… It was good.

Since sun was shining and weather was perfect, we headed to the beach. Laguna Beach was just beautiful yesterday. And we took some pictures and I discovered that something is wrong with my lense, there was some dust stuck inside somewhere and because of that my pictures had darks spots on them. So last night I read the manual and cleaned my camera….. But regardless
of that my dh got some good pictures of me and I got some good ones of him….


In an hour I have to drive to LAX( los angeles airport) that is about 55 miles away. No big deal, my car has navigation system and I find it- even if I take wrong exit or miss right exit- I will find it.
Problem- my fever is back and i sneeze million times per hour. Also I got couple of little nosebleeds. Just wish me luck because my 2 whiny/tired/ sick kids will be with me on every step on the road.

Oh, i forgot to mention that I am going to LAX because my dh is coming home, so he could back his suitcase again to fly somewhere else. What a life….

Still hungry…

..I am still hungry and I am still eating scocolate I even added some chocolate chips into my salad….lol I am loosing my mind…..

But today I want to tell you about other things like what I pay to keep my smile almost white and what I do to keep my skin clean ( almost clean).

Now , that I have dental insurance I decided to update my fillings, they kind of lost theyr shine and started bothering me again. So today I got one filling changed. I HATE when doctors pokes my gums with needle and injects that numbing medicine. Oh I hate it so much I want to bite off his fingers every time he does it. Then I have to hang out all by myself for 10 minutes and then fun starts. He drills and pokes and drills and bonds and scrapes and drills some more and after some 20 minutes of drilling and filling my molar was done. My mouth was numb, my lips felt like they had tripled in size and bit my inner cheek at least 10 times before medicine wore off. AND now I am stuck with headache and toothace and with a huge regret that I decided to get my filling changed.

But I have to go back on friday, because there are 2 more ugly fillings that have to be changed( who sayes that they have ? I DO). And after I get these temporary fillings( 90 dollars each), I wait until september and then my “REAL” insurance finally kicks in and I can get brand new shiny crowns!!!! wohooo for those….( around 450 dollars each, but if I did not have insurance then it would be around 1000 dollars each).

I also saw my dermatologist. He was pretty happy how my skin finally looks. And then I told her , HELL YEAH, IT BETTER LOOK GOOD, I am paying fucking 50 dollars for Plexion mask( insurance only pays 20 dollars), I am paying 65 dollars for Rosac and then there is that Retin-A that costs more that all the other creams.( oh, and cheapest one of them all is Amoxicillin that I am taking 1500 mg per day, I only pay 5 dollar co payment for those) After I told him that, He looked at me for a minute, wrote down something on his little black book and then he told me- WE ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR MEDS. I HAD NO IDEA THAT YOU HAD TO PAY THAT MUCH FOR YOUR MEDICATIONS.( well, I did not before, but after my husband quit his awsome job, and we switched insurances, we got one that has horrible prescription medication plan, who new….) So now I have to try out all the generic brands for those meds that I am using, and if they work , I stay on them, if not- I have to pay high price to stay blemish free….