Competition, competition competition..

Ok. I am little unhappy now. I spent 2 hours by the pool and got horrible sunburn and I used 50 spf sunblock. I HURT EVERYWHERE. I want my money back….

Anyway, what I want to write about today may make some of you disagree with me. It is about My California. It is about what I see here every day. Area where we live is close to everything and our house is built on last Developement in Laguna Niguel ( at least that what they are saying). Our community is not finished yet. There is still place for new homes. But do you want to know what is the price for new homes??? 4 years ago when I bought my house we payed 750 000 dollars for our house. If we’d sell our house we’d make around 1,5 million dollars. BUT new houses range from 1,3 million to 2,5 million dollars and THEY ARE NOT worth that amount of money. It is grazy over here. Ridiculos. But of course Laguna Niguel is very beautiful area , very clean and well organised. Close to freeway, toll road, close to few malls , grocery stores etc. I love it here.
Living here is kind of stressful I think. people who live here make GOOD money, they have interior designers, private shoppers , Gardners, mades, own 3-4 houses, apartments, ,condos ( not everybody , but lots of them do). Most of the familyes have more than 2 cars , if they have small kids and both parents work Live in nanny is necessity , well, lot of moms I know, are stay at home moms and they still have live in nanny/ baby sitter. I know lot of people here who are taking acting lessons and drive to LA area few times a week to show up in auditions in hopes of finding awsome HOLLYWOOD fame. I know parents whose kids got chosen to Santa Clause 3 movie and now they are not friends anymore, because one of the kids gets to be on big screen one minute longer. ( jelousy). Whatever.

People who have been in my house know that our house is NOT traditional in any means. lol All my fooms have different colors, furniture is miss and match and I do not shop in High End department stores. Nothing matches in my house. AND then I go to these awsome traditional looking clean, clutter free DO NOT SIT ON MY FURNITURE kind of homes and I feel overwhelmed. I am not sure why, but sometimes it just irks me that I do not have 3000 dollar couch in my house, or my coffe table is out of Ikea? Do I make any sence to you?? Yeah, I do want to decorate my house with Art deco and Salvador Dali and Picasso. But will it make me happy when I have it??? Will I enjoy it for me or will I enjoy it because people will go AWW, ond OWW and wow… you know??
I have been writing here and I forgot why I started writing this. Oh, I remembered. Life here is all about WHO is the Best. My husband blah, my kids, blah, my this blah my that blah… All I hear all day long is blah blah blah and I am so fucking sick of this all. Sometimes I just want to pack my bags and leave this place, and then I take a minute to think about it and I feel like I am a total moron. Why do I ever feel depressed? I live in Southern paradise. I have everything I ever wanted , even more. Husband, kids, house, best cars ( yeah, you may disagree there. lol). But I do get my dull and I want out of here moments. The other day I thought I should back my bags and move to hollywood, take couple of acting classes, get myself agent and start acting . lol I’l probably get a job as and dead fat russian stripper in CSI crime lab….. oh. wow. I get teary eyes even thinking about it…. Watch out Hollywood, Diana has few more glasses of cider and I am ready….;)

Everybody here looks good. THey do. And I love how people talk here I love California English. lol.. I had hard time getting New Jearsey and Memphis one, but CA one sound just Right……

OK. I am going to take care of my sunburn. It really hurts. …… I love California, but I miss Estonia.:)

I am so tired right now. I hate hot weather, I hate cold weather I hate rainy weather, HECK- I hate when wheather changes from one extreme to other. Whay can’t it be JUST RIGHT!!!!!

Anyway, I feel really upset right now. Some of you have met Jill, My very first friend here in US. about 4 years ago she moved to Ca to be with her boyfriend. They have been together for 6 years. Well, things did not work out the way SHE wanted and she decided that it is time for her to move on. AND she is MOVING TO FLORIDA. With whoom will I go to scrapbooking now??? huh??? Ok. That’s fine, just pack your bags and leave your good friend behind… not fair. 😦

On friday night I threw her a little party. As my good bye gift.. And on Saturday Morning I will drive her to Airport. 😦 I hope she finds what she is looking for… Posted by Picasa


These past 2 weeks have been very entertaining. Season finales, series finalies and all the other finalies. Today is Alias 2 hour series finaly. I LOVE Alias. But I am glad to see it go. 2 more hours and then I see what all the fuzz was all about anyway.

I have been really tired past few weeks. Not sure what is going on. I yawn all the time, got very weird skin rash and PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME TO HOME DEPOT nursery dep. I went there the other day , and few moments after I entered the ‘blooming ” area I had to leave it. I almost passed out. MY head got all dizzy and I started sneezing. To top that i got blurry vision and scratcy throat… THANKS god home depo is only abot mile away from us. Drive home was horrible since I was still sneezing and my eyes were watering. I am taking Claritin and it is helping a lot. 🙂

Oh people, please give me some good ideas what to get for my “family” in china. Everything is made in China anyway. I got See’s candys and few CA books, but that is it. I need something original…


jalle minupoolsed vabandused. Te kindlasti olete koik juba vasinud mu blah blah blah sorrydest. Aga olge valmis rohkemateks- tulevikus.
Reginal laheb nyyd taitsa hasti. Ta oli paar nadalat tagasi taitsa haige. Kurgupoletik, poskkoopa poletik ja hingamisteede poletik- ja koik yhel ajal. Paranes ta antibiootikumide abiga taitsa kiiresti ja hasti. 🙂

Ta kaib ikka veel koolis. Siin saab kool labi 15ndal juunil. Gabrieli paberid viisin ka kooli sisse juba yle kuu aja tagasi. Loodetavasti saab ta endale sama opetaja. 🙂 Peale kooli loppu kihutame koik aga Hiina kuuks ajaks , sealsete vaatamis vaarsustega tutvuma. Nicki kodukohas pidime peatuma ta Venna majas kuid kuna Hiinas varvitakse tube ja maja vaga toksiliste/ myrgiste varvidega ei tohi me majja 5 kuud minna. Vaga imelik. Siin kuivab varv kohe seinal ara ja ei jata mingit erilist lohna ka , kuid Hiinas pidi see hoopis midagi muud olema. varvi kuivamine votab aega igaviku ja siis haiseb maja veel teise igaviku otsa. irv. Nii siis me lahemegi hoopis ta Oe juurde , kui me ta kodulinnas oleme.

Kysimus suurele Ringile- Kui teie Hiina laheksite, mida te naha tahaksite??? Kindlasti laheme Hiina myyri aarde, maailma suurima Budha vaatame ka ara. Imetleme ilusat loodust ja soome ennast Hiina toidust rasva….

So girls…

I had my annual ob/gyn checkup today. I do it every year and I look forward to it. I remember when we lived in New Jearsey, there was ob/gyn group called Woman Caring for WOman. I loved going there for chekcups. All doctors were really nice and they laughed with you, cryed with you… My last day there— I remember it… It was halloween, all doctors were dressed up, wearing costumes, my doctor was wearing Queen costume from snow white, she looked just like queen – beautiful but evil same time… oh, anyway… I miss them up there.

BUT I found really good doctor here. Her name is Mona and she is doing awsome job. And her memory is just incredible. I saw her last year ago and she asked some questions about our family and kids and my background .. I told her what was going on with Regina and with my mom and that my DH was working in China… SHE remembered everything. I was impressed..

About my health- she wants to do an ultrasound ( no I am not pregnant), but since my AF is veryirregular ( every 2-3 months) they just want to take a “closer ” look. I also have to get some Ovarian cancer screening done because of family history. Not happy about it, but better safe than sorry. And They took my blood for testing. OH, how could I forget the most important test -Pap test. Now I am hoping for negative results.. ( I had false positive about 3 years ago and I hated all the other test they did….. yuck).

SO all of you out there who avoid going to see your doctor once a year. It’s no big deal. Just do it. Take off your clothes, put on that funny looking robe and sit patiently until doctor enters and ask you to scoot forward…… JUST DO IT….

See ya’ in Club Vegas in Costa Mesa. :D:D:D:D:D:D


Yeah, Vegas was fun. Before we went there we reserved table in VIP lounge.

VIP Lounge
Seating is available in our VIP Lounge and can be reserved with a credit card in advance. Ordering bottle service gets you a table/booth reservation, with a minimum purchase of one bottle for up to four people.(( we got Gray Goose vodka – 300 dollars per bottle) Club Vegas bottle service INCLUDES VIP Express Access for your whole party, and you will be personally escorted from the front door directly to your table by a VIP host. Seems like lots of money to pay per bottle , but we did not have to pay cover price, all the juices, tonic water etc. were included. And since it was our first time thre we got special price. ( we still payed 300 dollars but 10 people got to enjoyn it….

I would do it again. We had such a great time drining, dancing and just goofing around -3 guys and 7 girls…. Pictures later…